RPG tutorial

Here you will find a page to launch your RPG adventure.

Each command would be indicated in a square like that :


That tutorial didn't have the integrality of the commands.

Before all, we need to process to your registration :

  • Type ?register and let the bot's response appear

  • Type then a message that will be your nickname

  • The class menu would appear. Click on the class reaction that you will be

  • The rune menu would appear. Click on the rune of your choice

  • Validate your register

The RPG adventure resumes itself as command farming.

The command ?stats shows your player card. You could see other players cards with the command ?stats @Player

The profile gives you informations of the 2 major parts that will be developped below :

  • The PVM

  • The Professions

PVM = Player Versus Monster

You have the possibility to face creatures by using the ?pvm command

Creatures are generated randomly. Their stats depends on the player's level

You just need to click one time on the Bow reaction to kill the creature

Random creature
  • The amount of damage on the creature's sheet correspond of the amount of damage that you will take, they will be retired to your HP (health points)

  • The cost in energy correspond to the energy that you will spend if you attack the creature

  • The indicated XP corrsepond to the amount of XP you will gain if you kill the creature

You could consult your remaining health and energy on your profile

These 2 informations shows themself when the creature is killed

  • You could regenerate your energy once each 24 hours with the command ?regen

  • In order to regenerate your health, you need to buy potions in the shop

VIP could use the ?heal command that renegerate both health and energy

Win experience may up your level :

  • On each level, the player obtain +15 HP and +15 damage

  • The rune upgreds each 10 levels

  • => Damage rune : +30 damage per bearing

  • => Health rune : +50 HP per bearing

  • New creatures with higher stats unlocks when the player level rises

  • Upping your level allows you to win places on the RPG ranking


Five professions are available :

  • ?bucheron

  • ?paysan

  • ?mineur

  • ?pecheur

  • ?chasseur

To upgrade , the way to go is the following :

  • Type the suitable command of the profession that you want to upgrade

  • Wait the bot's response

  • Enable and disable multiple times the the reaction that appear under the bot's response

  • A farming session lasts 5 seconds

  • The session ends when the bot shows you the balance sheet of the grabbed ressources

  • You need sometimes to wait a few seconds before the reaction shows

  • Each farming session costs 5 energy

  • Each 10 profession level, you unlock a new ressource that you can grab in your next farming session

The command ?inventaire allows you to see the details of the profession's ressources

Boutique and Money

A shop is available with the ?store command. Objects are coded by a number.

You could find :

  • Potions to heal yourself

  • A farmer that may help you gathering ressources

  • A pet that follow your adventure

  • Badges to decorate your profile

So, to buy the convoted object, you should tap ?purchase [number]

If you didn't remember of the object number that you convote, you're not obligated to pass by the ?store command before your purchase

Like what, if you want to buy a potion of life (recurrent purchase), you could immediately type ?purchase 820 (820 is the code for the life potion)

There are several ways to earn money :

  • Sell the gathered ressources in your farming sessions with the command ?sellall

  • Vote for Akimitsu and take your voting reward with ?claim

More the necessary ressource on a high level profession, more expensive will it be selled.


The ?craft menu purpose you to create objects traded against ressources.

The VIP could be obtain by the craft

You could define a biography on your profile : ?biographie [text]

You could give reputation in sign of recognition of an other player with the command ?reputation @Player . Command available each 12 hours.