Pokémon Tutorial

Here, you will find a guide to launch your pokémon adventure.

Starting with the Bases !

Each command would be indicated in a square like that :


That tutorial didn't have the integrality of the commands.

First thing to do is the command ?start . The bot will automatically register you as a new player.

Once your adventure started, you could use the command ?catch or ?c , your choice , that allows you to catch a pokémon each 15 minutes.

Pokémons are classified by the bot via rarity:

  • Normal

  • Starter

  • Shiny

  • Legendary

  • Legendary-Shiny

  • Limited Edition

Catch a pokémon will give you an amount of points (randomly) that will allow you to upgrade your rank and climb the ranking ladder !

You could find several rankings on the Akimitsu's Website

The several Trainer's rank shows your progression into the game. Trainer débutant, Novice, Branché, Confirmé, Expert, Maître,... your turn to discover all of them.

The amount of points gained per catch would be graduated by your progression in the game. So a Trainer with a higher rank had more difficulty to earn points than a newcommer.

You could choose your Team... Are you more Team Rocket, Team Aqua or Team Magma? ?choose to show your support to the gang of your choice.

Each teams has some advantages.

The command ?profile or ?p show your Trainer Card. Plenty of informations are there .

You could see other Trainers profile card with the command ?profile @Player or ?p @Player

Pokedollards represents the main currency of the Akimitsu's Pokémon, the other are fragments.

These two currencies allows you to buy in Akimitsu's Boutique ?shop :

  • Pokémons (changes each 6 hours)

  • Several types of boxes : a random pokémon corresponding to the buyed box type

  • Eggs to hatch a pokémon corresponding to the type of the egg

  • Objects to boost your adventure like fishing rods, fossile machine or mega stone

  • Titles / Badges to custom your profile

  • Other Trainer GIF to custom your trainer card

The pokémon boutique should be upgraded with the ?invest command if you want the access to all of the items.

If it is to harsh to upgrade your pokémon boutique, you could go to an other server with the Akimitsu bot!

Pssst... it seems that the support server has a nice boutique

How to obtain money ?

You could obtain pokédollards while doing these commands :

  • ?daily or ?dl each 24 hours

  • ?hourly or ?hr each hours

  • By obtaining the very convoted ?chest each 90 minutes

  • if you are lucky with the command ?buy crate or ?bc

  • Or Vote for Akimitsu ! ?vote each 12 hours

You could obtain Fragments :

  • By releasing pokémons with the ?relacher or ?rel command

  • By obtaining the very convoted ?chest each 90 minutes

Several global pokémon management commands
  • ?pc Consult your collection of caught pokémons

  • ?pokedex Search in your encyclopedy

  • ?several Sort the pokémons that are in multiple times in your inventory

  • ?view [Name of Pokémon (type)] Shows you the pokémon

  • ?setfamillier [Name of Pokémon (type)] or ?sfa [name of Pokémon (type)] Shows your selected pokémon into your profile

  • ?setsurnom [nickname] or ?ssn [nickname] Give a nickname to your profile pokémon

  • ?quests Develop the menu of the quests to complete in order to have some rewards

  • ?monthly or ?mt Gives you each month a Starter-Shiny pokémon

  • ?weekly or ?wk Gives you a Starter pokémon each week.

To play with other
  • ?gift @Player [amount] Gives pokedollards to the targeted player

  • => Watch out of the Tax !

  • => You could do that command each 10 minutes

  • ?giftfrag @Player [amount] Gives fragments to the targeted player

  • => Watch out of the Tax !

  • => You could do that command each 10 minutes

  • ?don @Player [Name of Pokémon (Type)] Give the pokémon to the targeted player

  • => Costs 250 pokedollards

  • => You could do that command each 10 minutes

  • ?coeur @Player Reputation system of the bot

  • => You could do that command each 12 hours